In this section, three resource review packages are available.

1. Neuroanatomical review offers a succinct summary of the neuroanatomy of the spinal cord; many detailed computer-rendered images are used to help the student visualize the various tracts and nuclei. This review is intended to supplement information in textbooks and atlases, and student's lecture notes.

2. Localization rules, whereby a student is taught how to establish whether a disease is neurological, and enabled to localize where the disease process is interfering with the structure and function of the CNS.

3. Pathophysiological mechanisms contains an analysis of the etiological mechanisms of diseases, specifically of the spinal cord (e.g., infectious, vascular, tumour). Associated with this is a chronological approach to disease, namely, which diseases are most likely based upon the time-course.

Knowledge of this material is necessary to resolve the clinical case.