Problem Based Learning Using the World Wide Web

University of Ottawa
Faculty of Medicine

authored by
Dr. C.R. Skinner, MD, FRCPC, Assistant Professor
Division of Neurology

Dr. W. J. Hendelman, MD, Professor
Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine

This Problem Based Learning module has been developed for use as a clinical problem during Nervous System Block teaching program. The content presented in this module will not be formally taught elsewhere during the course but the material may be examined during the final summative examination.

If you have any comments or difficulties with this problem, either academic or technical, please address them to

Dr. W. Hendelman: Email -


The following are recognized and thanked for their participication in the development of the material used to create this problem.

Emil Purgina
Dr. Andre Rosen
Alexandre Skinner
David Skinner
Dr. Daniel Deforge
Eugene Leung
Peter Koziarz